Application of Big Data Analysis and Intelligent Algorithm in Power System Operation Optimization

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Huichao Jin
Junyi Huo
Qingfen Wang
Dexiong Li


The power communication system provides powerful technical support for realizing the intelligent operation and information management of the power grid and improving the operation efficiency and power supply quality of the power grid. Quantum key distribution (QKD) is considered one of the most promising technologies for commercialization. QKD uses a single photon to encrypt data to produce a more secure and reliable password. This paper intends to study the hierarchical, centralized control architecture of power dispatching based on quantum essential supply (QKD). The performance indexes of MDI-QKD under symmetric and asymmetric conditions were studied by local optimization. The optimal key formation rate of the algorithm is analyzed. From the perspective of quantum critical utilization, a quantum key utilization scheme for grid backbone dispatching service is proposed. The dynamic adjustment test of multi-node time slot and service key update rate is carried out. Experiments show that the MDI scheme can effectively improve the effectiveness of a multi-node QKD system. Thus, the security of data transmission of the core business of power dispatching data networks can be ensured to the greatest extent. AMDI can effectively reduce the transmission timeout of low-priority data streams because the delay of high-priority data streams reaches the proportion. It can be an excellent solution to the power system and the password requirements.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing