Concept and Application of Industrial Heritage Planning Decision in Big Data Era

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Xiaojuan Han
Xuange Zhu
Min Xie
Hui Che


With the rapid development of big data technology, more and more fields are realizing the importance of big data and applying it to various decision-making processes. Industrial heritage planning decisions are no exception. This article will explore the concept and application of industrial heritage planning and decision-making in the era of big data, aiming to emphasize the importance and application value of big data in industrial heritage planning and decision-making. This article analyzes the development relationship between the construction and transformation of urban industrial utilization and the theory and practice of industrial heritage. Through theoretical and practical technical analysis of specific regions, the value utilization of industrial simulation design has been improved. Through in-depth data mining, the government found that the industrial structure of the region is dominated by traditional manufacturing, lacking support from high-tech industries, and the pollution problem of the surrounding environment is also relatively serious. In response to these issues, corresponding planning plans have been formulated, including measures to introduce high-tech industries, optimize industrial structure, and improve environmental quality. By implementing these measures, the comprehensive strength of the region has been significantly improved and the economic transformation and upgrading have been successfully achieved.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing