Application of Deep Learning Algorithm in Visual Optimization of Industrial Design

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Chunju Zhang


In order to understand the application of degree learning algorithms in industrial design visual optimization, the author proposes an application research based on deep learning algorithms in industrial design visual optimization. The author first starts with the basic principles of deep learning algorithms and provides a detailed explanation of the basic structure of the single-layer network of deep learning algorithms, as well as the restricted Boltzmann machine and its training process. Finally, an example of the performance improvement brought by the application of deep learning technology in handwritten digit recognition was given through an automatic encoder, and a simple summary of deep learning technology was made. Secondly, the NCI matching algorithm is used to match industrial design products and reconstruct the point cloud of industrial products to accurately detect their features. On this basis, deep learning algorithms are applied to construct a visual optimization model for industrial design, determine the output format of the model scene and the output situation of industrial design, and process the model according to the changing characteristics of the industrial design model to comprehensively edit the data of the model. Finally, targeted optimization of the industrial design visual optimization model is carried out based on the technical characteristics of deep learning algorithms, in order to complete the industrial design visual optimization. The experimental comparison results show that the industrial design visual optimization method optimized in this design has higher visual clarity than the traditional industrial design method, reaching 98%. Greatly improves the visual clarity of industrial design.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing