Speckle Noise Detection and Removing by Machine Learning Algorithms in Multisensory Images for 5G Transmission

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M. Dharani
M.V.V.S. Nagendranath
Shaik Mohammad Rafee
G. Naveen Kishore
T. Krishna Moorthy Venkata


The multispectral satellite sensor images have multibands, which have some typical noise. There is difficult to detect this tipical noise with low resolution image. The satellite local or gloval pixel information and quantificationare degraded due to this noise. Many standard transformations and filtering operations are developed for detection and removing of non-gaussion noise, which are not given sophisticated results with existing methods. These statistical characteristics are applied to those samples to identify and quantify present tipical noise. The higher-order statistical based machine learning algorithm is developing to remove the speckle noise from satellite image. In this proposed algorithm, implemented the higher order statistical approache such as skewness, kurtosis based adaptive curvelet methods are implemented for the detection and suppression of speckle noise with retrieve of spectral and spectral values. The proposed algorithm preserves smooth and sharp details and maintains the tradeoff level in multispectral bands is suitable for advanced high speed 5G communication with the effective rate of transmission. The proposed results are verified with suitable statistical parameters such as PSNR, Entropy and ERGAS values.

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Special Issue - Soft Computing & Artificial Intelligence for wire/wireless Human-Machine Interface Systems