A Railway Roadbed Deformation Monitoring System Using Deep Learning and AI Intelligent Technology

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Pengfei Pan
Peng Li
Shihao Zhang


The author has designed an automated monitoring system for settlement and deformation of high-speed railway subgrade. Firstly, an automated monitoring system is designed based on sensors, data collection and transmission, client tracking and querying, monitoring result processing, automated warning, manual monitoring data analysis, monitoring data analysis and evaluation. Secondly, the system software and hardware are designed, the author calculated and analyzed engineering examples from the perspective of practical applications using artificial neural network methods, obtained corresponding deformation analysis models, and predicted deformation. Finally, the practical application of the system was analyzed for its effectiveness. The experimental results indicate that, the BP artificial neural network method is used to model and predict the Deformation monitoring data. On the premise of 20 learning samples and 4 prediction samples, the Root-mean-square deviation of the prediction is 0.32mm, which shows that the deformation prediction using BP model is feasible and effective in a certain precision range. It has been proven that the application of artificial neural network methods in monitoring and prediction of practical engineering has certain practical significance.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing