Development and Mode Innovation of Cultural Tourism Resource based on Industrial Integration

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Shan He


The cultural tourism industry contributes to the growth of both cultural and tourism industries. Cultural Tourism Resource (CTR) is the prerequisite for the integrated development of the cultural tourism industry. Developing potential CTR can promote the new transformation and upgrading of the urban cultural tourism industry. Luoyang has the advantages of location and resources in the development of CTR, but its tourism industry develops slowly. Therefore, Luoyang City was taken as the research object and the relevant evaluation index system was established. The entropy method and grey correlation model were used to analyze the development trend and influencing factors of the city’s CTR. The entropy values of the eight indicators of the evaluation system of CTR established in the study were all above 0.96, indicating that the evaluation system was relatively stable. The grey correlation degree of CTR of historical culture and folk customs was high, which was 0.668 and 0.642, respectively. The grey correlation degree of religious culture and calligraphy and painting CTR was low, which was 0.625 and 0.617, respectively. The CTR of historical culture and folk customs have developed well, but the resources of religious culture, calligraphy, and painting need to be improved. The knowledge of cultural tourism location theory and regional economic growth theory are applied. According to the evaluation results and problems of the development of CTR in Luoyang, this paper puts forward targeted strategies for CTR.

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Special Issue - Data-Driven Optimization Algorithms for Sustainable and Smart City