Film and Television Special Effects AI System Integrating Computer Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technology

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Yao Ju
Guobin Wei


Particle systems can achieve many scenarios that are difficult to achieve in the field or expensive in reality. In this paper, the requirements of 3D film special effects and the design process of particle systems are studied. Unity3D engine was used to simulate 3D movie special effects. Then, the motion trajectory planning of 3D video group animation characters based on particle swarm optimization is proposed. Then, the system models the animated characters’ moving track to achieve the realism’s dynamic effect. This project intends to use the gravity optimization method for particle swarm optimization. The aim is to overcome the optimization difficulty caused by particle swarm optimization, which is easy to fall into local extreme values. Finally, the generated trajectory information is input into the 3D simulation system for conflict detection and clustering tests. Experiments show that the proposed algorithm can effectively render memorable scenes such as movies and TV. The picture has a high real-time frame rate and is realistic.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing