Complex Event Information Mining and Processing for Massive Aerospace Big Data

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Lin Li
Libin Jia


This paper intends to analyze the existing problems of remote sensing data from the perspectives of space remote sensing information data capacity and data types. Then, a framework for rapidly analyzing and processing space remote sensing information is constructed. Then, LSTM is used to realize the fault diagnosis of remote sensing data continuity, discrete sample mixing and strong correlation of sample variation. LSTM conducts a multimodal analysis of remote-control commands, which is applied to modeling. The multi-stage LSTM prediction model is established and integrated efficiently to improve its adaptive ability in complex space environments. In this way, the anomaly recognition of remote sensing information is realized. Experiments show that the algorithm can improve the anomaly detection rate of remote sensing data. Experiments show that the algorithm is feasible. It can provide reliable data interpretation function for space remote sensing information control system.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing