Application of High-Dimensional Data Visualization and Visual Communication Technology in Virtual Reality Environment

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Dan Liu


How to efficiently find what you want from massive data has become a hot topic. It is precisely because network information is developing so fast that so many data-oriented software systems and pages are used to manage so much network information. Aiming at problems such as insufficient information mining of visual communication websites in ASPNET and poor visual communication effects, a design scheme for integrating high-dimensional data into visual communication websites is proposed. Its working architecture includes high-dimensional data integration, multi-type visual integration, and visual support services. The main functions of the website include comprehensive management, charts, data sources, projects, systems, etc. We have conducted specific design and Implementation of high-dimensional information integration on the website, completed the design and Implementation of integration of high-dimensional data, integration of multiple visualization types, and integrated access to visualization-supported functions. Use a deep web crawler to search the visual site. It uses a search-based approach to filter URLs and crawl valuable web pages. Practice has proved that the intelligent distribution network management page implemented by the solution proposed in this article has good performance. The system shows good performance in visualization implementation and the ability to discover information. The system achieved sound and visual communication effects.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing