Application of BIM Technology in Structural Design of Prefabricated Building Based on Big Data Simulation Modeling Analysis

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Lili Xu
Lin Wang
Minmin Zhu


Aiming at the complex steel bar layout problem in prefabricated building, this research proposes a structural design method of prefabricated building based on big data simulation modeling building information modeling technology. It includes the reinforcement arrangement model based on agent path planning, the intelligent reinforcement arrangement of frame based on artificial potential field method and path optimization, and the modeling of Building information modeling. When analyzing the reinforcement arrangement effect of beam column joints in Prefabricated building, the calculation time of top corner joints is the shortest, 76.8 seconds, while that of middle layer joints is the longest, 141.7 seconds. In direction Y and direction X, differential evolution has the longest calculation time, 27s and 26.57s respectively, while particle swarm optimization algorithm has the shortest calculation time, 2.84s and 3.02s respectively. The algorithm designed through research is significantly superior to other algorithms in terms of computational time. In general, through building information modeling technology and big data simulation modeling, this study realized the collision free layout of rebar in beam column joints of prefabricated building. This improves the speed and efficiency of deepening design, and provides a new solution for structural design of prefabricated building.

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Special Issue - Data-Driven Optimization Algorithms for Sustainable and Smart City