The Digital Media Art and Design System under the Integration of Computer Big Data ChatGPT Technology

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ErHua Zhang
ShengWen Lu


Traditional digital media art and design systems take a long time to run and cannot handle a large number of objects simultaneously. Therefore, the author proposes a digital media art and design method based on ChatGPT technology. ChatGPT technology is an important part of networking.Prepare to provide conference support for various applications such as customer service, personal assistant, robotic interview, and so on. ChatGPT can not only answer the question that is set, but also solve the question openly.The comprehensiveness and intelligence of ChatGPT have attracted widespread attention since its launch. The hardware system adopts dual core TMS320C6657 and DDR3Thel1333 series processors as the core circuit, together with high speed external storage, to expand the image transmission line of multi-data; System software uses module architecture to design image modules, video modules, and voice modules, all of which are integrated into the core of the system as modules. In this experiment, 10 images were transferred and the running time was tested. Experimental results showed that, the traditional digital media art and design system had three errors, which took more time to run.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing