Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Banking Internet Finance Industry

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Tianhao Zhang


This paper presents a collaborative filtering algorithm based on reinforcement learning theory. Then, the personalized bank financial recommendation system for users is constructed in the massive data environment. Tags mimic different types of user interest points to build a representative personalized data set. The collaborative screening of bank financial products is realized using the simulation results and users’ historical access records. The ranking calculation of related financial products is added to the general bank financial product recommendation system. This method can more accurately express the query results for a specific user. It is found that the collaborative filtering algorithm based on enhanced learning theory can improve the efficiency of collaborative screening of bank financial products. The best results can be obtained by combining the two organically. This paper proposes that the recommendation algorithm of reinforcement learning bank financial products based on user preference and collaborative filtering is feasible.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing