Research on Surveying and Mapping Data Processing Based on Nonlinear Mathematical Models and Deep Learning Optimization

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Huixian Wei
Xianghui Wei


In order to deeply understand the mapping data processing of nonlinear mathematical model optimization, this paper uses nonlinear model optimization theory to process mapping data. When the precision of parameter approximation is high, the calculation results of each algorithm are the same, and the iteration times of the fastest descent method and simplex method are significantly increased compared with the other three algorithms. Therefore x01 = 5.42 in the parameter is kept unchanged near the truth value, and the convergence range of Newton method, the fastest descent method, conjugate gradient method and simplex method away from the truth value of parameter x02 = −0.25 is investigated. When the approximate value of undetermined parameters is high, the results of Newton algorithm and simplex algorithm are consistent, but the Newton iterative algorithm has faster convergence speed and higher computational efficiency than the simplex algorithm. Lower value when the undetermined parameter approximation precision, namely the undetermined parameter approximation and its true value is far off, may complete failure type Newton iteration algorithm, the simplex algorithm can be a supplement of the Newton method for the most part, the simplex method significantly reduces the requirements for initial value of parameters, data calculation efficiency has improved significantly.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing