Exploring Collaborative Co-Signing Intelligence and Parallel Distributed Algorithms for Integrating Internal and External Documents

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Xiguo Hu
Tao Zheng
Dongliang Hou
Yun Kang


In today’s complex and linked technology environments, attaining business efficiency and innovation is crucial. In this paper, an innovative architecture combining parallel distributed algorithms and collaboratively co-signing  intelligent verification frameworks is introduced. By promoting safe and effective interaction among heterogeneous systems, this synergistic method seeks to improve the integration process. Diverse systems are proliferating in both internal and external domains, requiring sophisticated integration solutions. Real-time data interchange, interoperability, and security are common issues with existing methods. By using parallel distributed algorithms and intelligent verification models, the suggested framework aims to overcome these difficulties. The framework presents a novel approach to confirming the integrity and validity of data transferred between systems by utilizing collaborative co-signing. Co-signing increases security and confidence in the integrated environment by having several parties jointly validate the information. Through the introduction of parallel distributed algorithms and collaborative co-signing smart verification models, this research advances a comprehensive strategy for smooth integration of systems. The results highlight how the framework can facilitate safe and effective data interchange between external and internal systems, opening the door for more developments in connected technology environments in the future.

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Special Issue - Evolutionary Computing for AI-Driven Security and Privacy: Advancing the state-of-the-art applications