Research on Automatic Unattended Bill Collection, Paste and Verifiction Integrated Robot Equipment and Control Platform based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

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Chao Wang
Xi Chen
Ying Wang


A new solution for fully automated and unmanned ticket pasting verification based on deep convolutional neural networks is designed to address the issues of low efficiency, error-proneness, and wastage of manpower in the supplier service hall. The technology makes full use of machine vision and image processing, AI precise positioning correction algorithm and other methods to build an automatic unattended bill collection, paste and verification platform. Through the technologies of high-speed identification of invoice information, 3D vision-guidance planning, control of the path of robotic arm , detection of invoice pasting and repeating based on ultrasonic sensors, and tidal temporary storage of paper invoices, and so on, the automatic high-speed identification and inspection of bills in the supplier service hall are realized, and the efficiency and accuracy of bill processing in the supplier hall are improved. Experiments show that this research method reinforces ability of identification calibration and order correlation, and improves the efficiency of Invoice filing.

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Special Issue - Efficient Scalable Computing based on IoT and Cloud Computing