Pion: A Problem Solving Environment for Parallel Multivariate Integration

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Shujun Li
Elise de Doncker
Karlis Kaugars


ParInt is a package for parallel multivariate numerical
integration. This paper describes the design and implementation of
a problem solving environment based on ParInt and Web technology.
We call it ParInt ONline (Pion). It facilitates both common end-users
and experts to solve computationally intensive numerical
integration in parallel. No parallel programming experience or any
knowledge of Unix/Linux operating systems is needed for the users.
When the user submits an integration problem to Pion via
a Web browser, the problem solving environment will compile the
integrand function and link it dynamically with the ParInt package so that
the execution can be done in parallel on high performance
computing servers. The system was designed to be a globally
accessible integration platform that operates as a black box,
taking user data and producing the results.

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