Generative Mobile Agent Migration in Heterogeneous Environments

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B. J. Overeinder
D. R. A. de Groot
N. J. E. Wijngaards
F. M. T. Brazier


Agent migration, in theory, makes it possible to bring computations
to the resources required. In practice, however, homogeneity in
programming language and/or agent platform is required. This paper
presents an approach that supports heterogeneous agents and
platforms: agents written in different languages can migrate between
non-identical platforms. Instead of migrating the code
(including data and state) of an agent, a blueprint of an agent's
functionality is transferred (together with its state). An agent
factory on the receiving platform generates new code on the basis of
this blueprint. This approach of generative mobility not
only has implications for interoperability but also for security, as
discussed in this paper.

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