ERCTP: End-to-End Reliable and Congestion Aware Transport Layer Protocol for Heterogeneous WSN

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Atif Sharif
Vidyasagar M. Potdar
A. J. D Rathnayaka


Other than hardware optimization, the communication protocols for
heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are currently playing
an important role for achieving the longevity of the network. Among
other layers of heterogeneous WSN communication protocol stack, researchers
are putting efforts in developing transport layer protocols in order
to avoid congestion in WSN and provide data or application level reliability
support thereby ensuring the QoS objectives of the heterogeneous WSN
application. In this paper we have envisaged a light weight transport
protocol design, End-to-End Reliable and Congestion Aware Transport
Layer Protocol (ERCTP), which achieves high data reliability by the
introduction of distributed memory concept within network and minimum
packet drop due to congestion by the effective implementation of congestion
detection and rate adjustment scheme that uses stochastic control
framework. The proposed scheme is evaluated extensively against the
TCP-Westwood+ (TCP-WW+), TCP-Westwood (TCP-WW), TCPNewReno(TCP-NR),
and TCPReno(TCP-R). The ERCTP has been tested for 24 mote topology
and results reveal that the ERCTP effectively controls congestion
and exhibits highest good throughput of 0.2941 Mbps, â¤100
msec average End-to-End (E-2-E) data packet latency for heterogeneous
packet information, >99% data packet reliability and overall energy
efficient behavior (lowest per packet communication cost) in comparison

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