Automatic Data Migration e-System for Public Administration e-Services

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Ciprian Dobre
Andreea Marin


Interoperability represents an important issue in developing successful e-Services applications. In such applications data is often produced by services specifics to one organization and is consumed by services belonging to another one. Still, automatic data migration and transfer utilities are currently insufficiently addressed. We present a solution for automatic data migration that is able to handle data transfers between different database instances. The solution works with dynamic data schemas, and requires minimal user input and interaction. The proposed e-System was successfully used to support public administration automatic collection of data about companies. Various government processes require information from businesses. Examples include statistics about number of employees, revenue data, etc. However, collecting such data generally requires it to be voluntarily transmitted by business organizations. We present results for evaluating in a real-world e-System the proposed solution, as a backbone designed to automatically collect reporting data.

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