Video and Sensor Data Integration in a Service-Oriented Surveillance System

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Damian Mierzwinski
Dariusz Walczak
Marcin Wolski
Marcin Wrzos


Video surveillance systems have become very popular these days. In households,
enterprises and even cities the monitoring systems have been deployed to improve the sense of safety. Additional sensors which produce large amounts of data are
very often used independently. A real challenge is a meaningful integration of video and sensor streams, which could assist people operating these systems.
This challenge requires a new, smart approach to browsing, analyzing and integrating information of various modalities and from various sources. Nowadays motion
detection, face recognition and integration with external sensors are the popular subject of research. We notice the lack of efficient and flexible
solutions for managing video surveillance data for public or private security. The problem is scalability and manageability of more and more complicated
systems connecting large amounts of devices. In this paper we would like to focus on managing video and other data sources in the service-oriented manner
for a large scale domain. Simplifying monitoring configuration and usage is also in the scope of our interest.

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