Enabling Model Driven Engineering of Cloud Services by using mOSAIC Ontology

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Francesco Moscato
Beniamino Di Martino
Rocco Aversa


The easiness of managing and configuring resources and the low cost needed for setup and maintaining Cloud services have made Cloud Computing widespread. Several commercial vendors now offer solutions based on Cloud architectures. More and more providers offer new different services every month, following their customers needs. A way to provide a common access to Cloud services and to discover and use required services in Cloud federations is appealing. mOSAIC project addresses these problems by defining a common ontology and it aims at developing an open-source platform that enables applications to negotiate Cloud services as requested by users. Anyway the increasing complexity of services required by users in Cloud Environments usually needs the definition of composite, value added services (VAS). Usage patterns and Use Cases definitions help in defining VAS, but a way to assure that new services reach the required goals with proper qualitative and quantitative properties has to be provided in order to validate design and implementation of composite services. In this paper mOSAIC Ontology is described and the MetaMORP(h)OSY methodology and framework are introduced. The methodology uses Model Driven Engineering and Model Transformation techniques to analyse services. Due to the complexity of the systems to analyse, the mOSAIC Ontology is used in order to build modelling profiles in MetaMORP(h)OSY able to address cloud domain-related properties.

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