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Enn Ãunapuu
Vlado Stankovski


Dear SCPE readers,
We are moving to a new era with rapid changes. The business context is changing rapidly and we need to change our information system very quickly. We have to change the way we create Enterprise Information Systems. The problem is that despite Moore's law, (the capability of computers doubles every eighteen months,
the programs and their creation are becoming slower and slower (Wirth's law - Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster). In summary the creation of information systems is slow and very costly. This is not the only problem with our information systems. The second problem with created information systems is that in many cases they fulfil functional requirements, but at the same time they do not add value to the enterprise. The value requirement is not posed or measured.
In this special issue we analyse possibilities of using concepts of living systems in the context of enterprises and its information systems. The theoretical foundations for creation living systems and the main features of living systems are presented. Then, the conditions of staying alive and emergent behaviour are presented. Main contributions presented in this book will be where the measure of business processes and decision support methods usage are analysed for enacting services from the cloud. Model driven development enables a drastic raise in performance of developers.
The mission of the special issue is to help enterprises to move from older information architectures to the new web based cloud platform. The technical side, and importance of cloud computing, is now more or less clear. The problem with using cloud services and integrating them with legacy systems in enterprise will be a less covered topic.

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