MooreCube: A Scalable and Flexible Architecture for Cloud Computing Data Centers on Multi-port Servers

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Arezoo Jahani
Leyli Mohammad Khanli


Networks provide the infrastructure of cloud computing data centers. Servers in data centers grow to respond to the growing user demands. Data center scalability and flexibility in the use of multi-port servers is a challenging issue. Heretofore, no method has been considered for scalability and flexibility issues. This paper proposes a new architecture called MooreCube that can increase network scalability and decrease network diameter as well as increase flexibility. MooreCube is a scalable and flexible architecture that each multi-port server directly connected to other servers via bi-directional links, without using any switch. Furthermore, MooreCube is a recursively defined architecture that uses Moore graph as Building Block (BB) structure and uses the hierarchical structure to meet high scalability. The paper proposes a multipath routing to increase fault tolerance and decrease links burden. MooreCube architecture compared with other switchless architectures that use reserved ports to increase scalability. The simulation results show MooreCube increase scalability and flexibility along with decrease the diameter of the network.

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