Data Analytics in the Internet of Things: A Survey

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Tausifa Jan Saleem
Mohammad Ahsan Chishti


The plethora of sensors deployed in Internet of Things (IoT) environments generate unprecedented volumes of data, thereby creating a data deluge. Data collected from these sensors can be used to comprehend, examine and control intricate environments around us, facilitating greater intelligence, smarter decision-making, and better performance. The key challenge here is how to mine out proficient information from such immense data. Copious solutions have been put forth to obtain valuable inferences and insights, however, these solutions are still in their developing stages. Moreover, conventional procedures do not address the surging analytical demands of IoT systems. Motivated to resolve this concern, this work investigates the key enablers for performing desired data analytics in IoT applications. A comprehensive survey on the identified key enablers including their role in IoT data analytics, use cases in which they have been applied and the corresponding IoT applications for the use cases is presented. Furthermore, open research challenges and future research opportunities are also discussed. This article can be used as a basis to foster advanced research in the arena of IoT data analytics.

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