Secured Identity Based Cryptosystem Approach for Intelligent Routing Protocol in VANET

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A Karthikeyan
P G Kuppusamy
Iraj S Amiri


Vehicular specially appointed systems named as Vehicular Ad-hoc NETwork (VANET) have been raising dependent on the condition of-art advancements in remote and system communication. The message confirmations among vehicles and infrastructure are fundamental for the VANET security. The genuine personality of vehicles ought not to be uncovered, yet which is just detectable by approved nodes. Existing arrangements either depend vigorously on a carefully designed hardware or cannot fulfill the security necessity. Secured Identity Based Cryptosystem Approach (SIDBC) for intelligent routing protocol is proposed for better results since implementing a secured network for traffic forecasting and efficient routing in dynamically changing environment. Polynomial key generation is utilized for generating identity based pseudonym keys for each and every node that comes under the system. This keying process protects the node from malignant node from passing false information. The assessment output demonstrates that the planned method is more effective than past schemes since it is free pairing and it fulfills security and protection prerequisites.

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A Karthikeyan, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College, Avadi, Chennai

A. Karthikeyan received the B.E degree in Electronics and Communication from Manonmaniam Sundaranar Univer- sity, Tirunelveli in 2004 and M.E., degree in Embedded System Technologies from Anna University, Chennai in 2007 and Completed his Ph.D degree at Anna University, Chennai working as an Associate Professor in the Depart- ment of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Vel tech Multi tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engi- neering College, Chennai, India. He has published many research articles in refereed journals and IEEE confer- ences. He is a member of IETE, CSI, ISTE. His-research in- terest includes Network on Chip, Medical Image Process- ing, VLSI Design, Wireless Networks.

P G Kuppusamy, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Siddharth Institute of Engineering & Technology, Puttur, Andhra Pradesh

P. G. Kuppusamy is currently working as a Professor in the department of Electronics and Communication Engi- neering at Siddharth Institute of Engineering and Technol- ogy, Puttur, India. He has completed his B.E. (ECE) (1994 −1998) from Madras University Chennai, M.E.(Applied Electronics) (20 02–20 04) from Anna University Chennai and Ph. D (Electronics and Communication Engineering) (2015) from St. Peter’s University, Chennai. He has pub- lished 30 International journals (including SCI Indexed, SCOPUS Indexed), 15 International conference, 25 National conference and journals. He is a reviewer for vari- ous reputed journals and also holding membership in various professional society bodies.