Computer Hardware Fault Detection based on Machine Learning

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Chunxue Xu


In order to solve the computer fault detection problem of machine learning, the author proposes a computer hardware fault detection problem based on machine learning. The method combines mutual information and class separability to analyze their relationship, which improves classification accuracy. This study presents an adaptive machine learning technique for the adaptive fusion of data from multiple sources. In addition, the mCRC algorithm seeks for the optimal feature subset using the enhanced forward floating search method, thereby overcoming the limitation that the mRMR algorithm does not specify how to determine the final feature subset. The classification accuracy of the mCRC algorithm is approximately 1% better than that of the mRMR algorithm, and the size of the final feature subset of the mCRC algorithm is 22% smaller than that of the final subset of the mRMR algorithm. Conclusion: the ReMAE algorithm has a higher rate of accurate failure prediction.

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Special Issue - Intelligent Cloud Technologies