Research on the Application of Speech Database based on Emotional Feature Extraction in International Chinese Education and Teaching

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Xiangli Zhang


The advanced analysis of the relationship between acoustic and emotional characteristics of speech signals can effectively improve the interactivity and intelligence of computers. Given the current status of speech recognition and the problems encountered in international Chinese education, the study proposes to extract emotional characteristics to achieve speech construction of the database. Based on considering the emotional characteristics of speech, a hybrid algorithm based on spectral sequence context features is proposed. The DBN-BP algorithm is used to process emotional data of different dimensions, and a speech database is constructed. After testing and analyzing the algorithm model, it is found that the dynamic recognition accuracy of the DBN-BP model fused with emotional features is over 90%, and the negative emotion recognition rates in the three databases are all above 60%. At the same time, the accuracy rate of the model in the algorithm comparison experiment remains above 85%, the data information extraction is relatively complete, and the average test time of less than 1s is less than 3%. The speech database based on multi-emotional feature extraction can effectively provide a new reference for the improvement of the quality of Chinese international education and the improvement of the speech recognition system.

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Special Issue - Scalable Computing in Online and Blended Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions