Application of Financial Mathematical Models Combined with Root Algorithms in Finance

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Yanfeng Zhang


Investors in the financial markets must deal with various hazards, for which they must create prudent investment portfolios and risk management plans. A multi-objective optimisation approach is proposed using the root algorithm to create a multi-objective root system growth model based on many clusters. An investment risk management optimisation model based on root system growth is built into the study using distributed decision-making. To create a multi-objective root algorithm-based portfolio optimisation model, the Markowitz mean-variance model and a multi-objective root algorithm are employed. Accordingto the findings, the multi-group multi-objective root system method has a real Pareto frontier solution that is more accessible, has a faster convergence rate, and has lower fitness values. The root algorithm’s solutions are workable, and the final risk values of 0.0105, 0.0082, and 0.4623 for the 2, 4, and 6 investment objectives are all in the low-risk class range. The optimal set of solutions discovered by the algorithm had better distributivity and convergence. The Hypervolume values for the multi-group multi-objective root algorithm were 5.5298 and 3.9628 for the dual-objective portfolio and the tri-objective portfolio of investment return costs, respectively. The findings of this study can guide the development of portfolio and risk management strategies.

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Special Issue - Machine Learning for Smart Systems: Smart Building, Smart Campus, and Smart City