Electric Energy Metering Error Evaluation Method Based on Deep Learning

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Tianfu Huang
Zhiwu Wu
Wen Zhan
Chunguang Wang
Tongyao Lin


The measuring accuracy of the electric energy meter, voltage transformer and current transformer shows a dynamic state under the influence of its factors and external factors. The error of the voltage transformer and current transformer cannot be measured by traditional method.

This paper establishes a multidimensional error analysis and fault diagnosis system for power metering based on Hadoop architecture and Spark memory calculation. The platform extracted the error signal from the measurement data and calculated the characteristic value of the error signal. Then, dependent cloud and dynamic time rules are used to estimate the transformer's and voltage transformer's continuity. Then, a half-step membership degree cloud generation algorithm is constructed to overcome the error bias randomness and fuzzy characteristics under the influence factors. Finally, the system uses the dynamic correction method to estimate the similarity of error timing and quantitative factors to realize the error calculation of the current transformer and voltage transformer. The power metering error processing system was built with the support of Hadoop and Spark. The timing increment is introduced in the process of data collection. Dependent cloud and dynamic time-repair methods can improve the accuracy of diagnosing errors in electric energy metering. The parallel optimization of big data platforms by belonging to the cloud and dynamic time-warping algorithm is verified.


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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing