Construction and Analysis of Intelligent Analysis and Disposal Model for Internet Security Events in Power System

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Zhenhong Zhang
Jian Hu
Feilu Hang
Linjiang Xie


The reliability of nodes is rugged to determine, and the global accuracy is low in identifying secure access nodes of ubiquitous power network gateways. Therefore, this project intends to establish a universal power grid gateway security access node identification model. Sensor technology collects secure access nodes of IoT gateways and evaluates their reliability. It is integrated with the security level of the network to form a virtual security domain. Then, the access node is searched and controlled twice. The access node identification of the universal power IoT gateway is realized according to the reliability calculation. Simulation results show that under the same parameter conditions, when the node size increases and the number of malicious nodes increases, the proposed method can obtain higher accuracy of secure access to nodes. This proves the advantages of the proposed method.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing