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Marcin Paprzycki


Dear Readers!

This is the last time I am communicating with you as an Editor-in-Chief of SCPE. A number of changes concerning our journal took place in 2008. First, already in late 2007 we stopped being published (supported) by the SWPS. Thus we continued working as a volunteer-based effort, while the SWPS graciously allowed us to use their server to host the journal. In the meantime we have worked on regaining control over the SCPE domain. It turned out that the ISP that we were using is extremely bureaucratic and this, combined with my usual overloaded schedule, meant that it took almost a year to be able to get the right documents, with the right signatures, within a specific time interval, delivered to the ISP office, so that they can finally process the change of domain ownership. I am glad to announce that we are now in full control of the scpe.org domain. In the meantime we have found a new home for the journal and a new sponsor. The SCPE is now housed at the University of Western Timisoara (in Timisoara, Romania) and is co-sponsored by the University of Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria). I would like to say that I am extremely grateful to Professor Dana Petcu of the University of Western Timisoara and to Prof. Marian Vajtersic, of the University of Salzburg for their support for our journal!

With the journal out of Poland, I have looked back and reflected on the past, present and future perspective of the SCPE. After some deliberation I came to the conclusion time has come for a change in the journal leadership. After a few long conversations, Professor Dana Petcu of the University of Western Timisoara has agreed to take over the post of SCPE Editor-in-Chief. At the same time we have came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to create a Steering Committee of the journal and this new body will consist of: Dana Petcu, Marian Vajtersic, and myself.

I would like to use this occasion to express my deepest gratitude to all past and present members of the Editorial Board of the SCPE (and the PDCP, its predecessor). Without your hard work and support, the idea of the journal would have never materialize and came to the fruition. Thanks to you we were able to create a very good quality scientific journal that is now entering its 10th year of publication.

I would also like to thank dr. Alexander Denisjuk of the ElblÄg University of Humanities and Economy, for the absolutely fantastic job that he is doing as the Managing and Technical Editor of the SCPE. He is the one who (re)designed the SCPE WWW site, fought with authors to get material prepared in the right way to produce professional quality issues and who fought with me to make sure that I do things on time and that we do not fall behind. Thank you, Alexander!

Sincerely Yours,
Marcin Paprzycki

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