Exploring Carrier Agents in Swarm-Array Computing

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Blesson Varghese
Gerard McKee


How can a bridge be built between autonomic computing approaches and parallel computing systems? The work reported in this paper is motivated towards bridging this gap by proposing a swarm-array computing approach based on `Intelligent Agents' to achieve autonomy for distributed parallel computing systems. In the proposed approach, a task to be executed on parallel computing cores is carried onto a computing core by carrier agents that can seamlessly transfer between processing cores in the event of a predicted failure. The cognitive capabilities of the carrier agents on a parallel processing core serves in achieving the self-ware objectives of autonomic computing, hence applying autonomic computing concepts for the benefit of parallel computing systems. The feasibility of the proposed approach is validated by simulation studies using a multi-agent simulator on an FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) and experimental studies using MPI (Message Passing Interface) on a computer cluster. Preliminary results confirm that applying autonomic computing principles to parallel computing systems is beneficial.

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