Published: 2015-02-07

Introduction to the Special Issue on Cloud for Health

Jesus Carretero, Javier Garcia-Blas, Sandra Gesing


Cloud Computing in Healthcare and Biomedicine

Barbara Calabrese, Mario Cannataro


Performance Comparison and Tuning of Virtual Machines For Sequence Alignment Software

Zachary John Estrada, Fei Deng, Zachary Stephens, Cuong Pham, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Ravishankar Iyer


Extending XNAT towards a Cloud-based Quality Assessment Platform for Retinal Optical Coherence Tomographies

Christoph Jansen, Maximilian Beier, Michael Witt, Jie Wu, Dagmar Krefting


A Tool for Managing the X1.V1 Platform on the Cloud

Emanuel Marzini, Paolo Mori, Sergio Di Bona, Davide Guerri, Marco Lettere, Laura Ricci